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SchoolKit's Reading Foundational Skills Course for Tutors

This free Canvas course is designed for tutors who are supporting students to develop their foundational reading skills. The course helps to build tutors’ knowledge and skills of evidence-based reading instruction and provides resources that tutors can use for planning and instruction.
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Student Acceleration Tools

A list of promising resources for student acceleration that schools can implement using tutors and/or to support their teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff.
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High-Impact Tutoring Partner Checklist

Tutoring providers can demonstrate impact with a robust evaluation of their model, but absent such an evaluation, a provider should meet as many of the standards on this checklist as possible to ensure students are well supported and learning is accelerating. (PDF)
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National Student Support Accelerator

The National Student Support Accelerator at Brown University is devoted to translating promising research into actionable information about how tutoring can benefit students. (Website)
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Toolkit for Tutoring Programs

For organizations considering creating tutoring programs or which want to beef up what they are already doing, this digital toolkit from the National Student Support Accelerator provides guidance on how to build high-impact tutoring.
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What Makes a Successful Tutor

This short article from Edutopia provides a good rundown in clear language as to what successful tutors do — and therefore what parents should look for.
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