Expanding Access

to High-Impact Tutoring

CityTutor DC is the connector for high-impact tutoring in Washington, DC.

CityTutor DC is a coalition of schools, community organizations, and other stakeholders striving to expand access to high-impact tutoring for 10,000+ kindergarten through 12th grade students.

High-Impact Tutoring Standards

Grounded in Trusting Relationships

Caring adults, trained for relationship-building

Focused on Tutor Effectiveness

Content and knowledge skills, recruited and supervised carefully

Supported by High Quality Curriculum

Grounded in research; aligned to standards taught in class

Occurring Frequently

High dosage, at least 90 minutes weekly

Organized into Small Groups

Maximum group size of four; 1:1 is ideal, if feasible

Data Driven

Tutors access regular assessments; use data to inform session content

Collaborative with Schools

Tutoring during school day is ideal; tutors connect with teachers