A Public Education System Co-Designed to Serve and Empower all students.

We are DC’s trusted partner in citywide initiatives related to tutoring, talent, and truancy reduction.

CityTutor DC catalyzes high-impact tutoring and strategic staffing models to serve thousands of students. Our work improves student well-being, accelerates academic performance, and enhances flexible staffing systems in schools.

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Our Work

Our work is rooted in design thinking, research and evaluation, and community building. We build and lead coalitions that boldly transform systems, tackling problems that require a coordinated citywide approach.

Our Impact

Our coalitions push the boundaries of the possible, producing research-based interventions that move the needle for DC’s most marginalized students and communities. We measure the impact of our work in terms of students reached, sites launched, and system-level change, aiming to cultivate the conditions that allow the research-based innovations we support to take root and thrive.


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Our Values

Given the long history of institutional racism in schools, we center race in our work. We embrace the curiosity and boldness needed to envision a more equitable school system for students furthest from opportunity. We acknowledge that the work of eliminating inequity, racism, and other forms of bias in ourselves and in society is continuous, hard, necessary work done with—and not for—historically underrepresented communities in DC.

We set a high bar for our work—we are collaborative in both the process and the product—as we work alongside schools, LEAs, community-based organizations, and government partners. We set clear goals, assess tangible progress, and prioritize meaningful improvement and development. We embrace the learnings from our successes and failures and hold ourselves and our partners accountable. Ultimately, what we do drives better outcomes for our students, schools, and communities.

We embrace the curiosity and boldness needed to envision—and build—what does not yet exist. We dream expansively, learn voraciously, and dare greatly in service of DC students and schools. We dream of a day where every student, regardless of race or background, has access to a future filled with choice.

We model the future we want to build—through our relationships with each other, our schools, and our citywide leaders. We invite diverse perspectives, build inclusive coalitions, and collaborate intentionally with all who strive to create a brighter future for DC students.

We recognize that schools are delicate, dynamic, and intricate communities and the work of redesigning those places and systems can be complex and frustrating work—and no one can do it alone or perfectly. We extend generosity and forgiveness when mistakes are made and learn alongside each other in our journey toward a more just public school system.

Our Team

We are determined to make Washington, DC, the first public education system where race and income do not predict a student’s ability to thrive and succeed. Meet the passionate changemakers behind CityTutor DC.

Highlights From Our History

Katherine and David Bradley launch the Advisory Board Foundation, later renamed CityBridge.
CityBridge begins national research on successful interventions addressing entrenched, multigenerational poverty
CityBridge launches the Early Years Education Initiative, a five-year, $8 million portfolio invested in building capacity and improving quality in early childhood education in DC.
CityBridge expands its focus to serve the full PK-12 continuum. Initiatives include Catalyst Schools, Tools to 100 Schools, and the Innovation Portfolio.
CityBridge Education, a public charity dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for all children is launched out of CityBridge Foundation.
CityBridge incubates CityWorks DC, devoted to reshaping the landscape of education and career development opportunities for DC youth and young adults.
CityBridge launches CityTutor DC to scale, support, and improve high-impact tutoring citywide as a response to pandemic impacts.
CityWorks DC becomes an independent nonprofit; CityBridge launches the Transforming Teaching Portfolio to support system leaders and schools with redesigning the teaching profession to be more sustainable.
CityBridge Education sunsets incubation programming and launches independently as CityTutor DC to focus on citywide solutions related to tutoring, talent, and truancy.