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City Year Washington DC

About City Year Washington DC

City Year AmeriCorps members serve as student success coaches, supporting the development, growth, and success of students in systemically under-resourced schools, while cultivating skills to be leaders in their communities and careers. They collaborate with the school principal and teachers to deliver a suite of interconnected services that cost-effectively and efficiently improve student, classroom, and whole-school outcomes. City Year AmeriCorps members are guided by full-time, on-site City Year impact managers and become integrated into the fabric of the school community. Services include one-on-one and small group instruction in English and math with embedded social-emotional supports. We also offer additional capacity in the classroom, supporting classroom routines, and providing and enabling differentiated instruction. Our extended-day activities include: afterschool programming, homework assistance, enrichment curricula, and civic projects that build and serve the community.

Tutoring Details

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Math, ELA





Adapt to curriculum in school


Tutor Training Information

Trained by organization
Trained in relationship building
Trained in racial equity and cultural competency
Trained in working with English learners

DC School Partners

  • Boone ES
  • Cardozo EC
  • Eliot-Hine MS
  • Garrison ES
  • Hart MS
  • Houston ES
  • Ketcham ES
  • Kramer MS
  • Johnson MS
  • Powell ES
  • Smothers ES
  • Stanton ES
  • Stuart Hobson MS
  • Turner ES
  • Wells MS
  • Capital City PCS
  • Meridian PCS
  • Statesman APCS